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2022 Holiday Season Information

Holiday Sale 2022 Save 10% off any online order automatically:  no coupons or codes needed.  Savings will be automatically deducted from your shopping cart.  These savings extends to our entire catalog, even items already on sale! Buy all your holiday gifts early, and save when it matters most:  in addition to our great savings, Lapis Lazuli […]

Our Design Techniques

There are several techniques used by our craftsmen to produced a piece that is easy to use as well as striking. In this sections, we will explain some of the most used techniques in our designs: Inlayed or Inlaid:  This techniques places the stone on a “Bed” of Sterling Silver or 18K gold.  The advantages […]

Our Prices, Our Philosophy

Why is jewelry so expensive everywhere else?  Is our jewelry REALLY made out of silver, gold and real stones? Yes, our products are the real McCoy!  We can offer these prices without compromising on quality because we are the craftsmen! How has Lapis Lazuli World revolutionized the way you purchase fine handmade jewelry? The Traditional […]

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