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2020 Holiday Season Information

Holiday Sale 2020

Save 10% off any online order automatically:  no coupons or codes needed.  Savings will be automatically deducted from you shopping cart.  This savings extends to our entire catalogue, even items already on sale!

Buy all your holiday gifts early, and save when it matters most:  in addition to our great savings, Lapis Lazuli World offers you Free Premium gift wrap and  Free First Class delivery on EVERY USA ORDER!*  International orders enjoy discounted shipping fees as well:  Lapis Lazuli World has maintained the same shipping fees since 2005. There are plenty of reasons to give a touch of blue this holiday season.

*Only valid on our First Class option for shipments to 50 US states.

Lapis Lazuli World gives you plenty of ways to save when it matters most:  right before the holidays.  We offer many ways to give an original, handmade Lapis Lazuli jewel.  We have items for every budget, from the perfect stocking fillers (handmade jewelry for less than $30.00!), to one-of-the-kind designer pieces!

A Lapis Lazuli Jewel makes an unforgettable gift. Our jewelry is handcrafted; therefore, as special and unique as your loved one!

If you found the perfect gift for that special person a little too late for guaranteed Christmas delivery, please let us know on the checkout form “comments” field. We will send, immediately, a rush postcard notice letting your recipient know that a wearable work of art is on its way. There is no charge for this service.

Here are some deadlines to keep in mind when placing your gift orders this holiday season.

Christmas:  Friday, December 25th, 2020.

Hanukkah: This year, Hanukkah begins at sundown on Thrusday, December 10th, 2020.   The last night of Hanukkah this year is Friday, December 18th, 2020.

Kwanzaa: This year, Kwanzaa begins on Saturday, December 26th, 2020 and ends on Friday, January 1st, 2021.

Ordering Deadlines for guaranteed Christmas delivery*:

Last day to place an order using First Class Mail delivery in the U.S. is Thrusday, December 17th at 2:30pm EST. *

Last day to place an order using Courier Service delivery is Wednesday, December 23rd at 12:30pm EST.

* Please keep in mind that these deadlines apply to shipments in the U.S. only. Because of customs, etc. we cannot guarantee delivery times for orders sent to other countries.

 Please Note: – These dates apply to “in-stock” items only. Items on backorder or sent manufacturer direct may ship later. We will do everything possible to ship your order so it arrives in time. To confirm stock availability, chat with us online or place your order by phone at 1-888-385-0954 or by email at

 – We cannot be held responsible for shipping delays caused by weather, incorrect addresses, credit card – check processing, customs delays, etc.

– APO/FPO addresses – Due to military handling times, we cannot estimate shipping times to these locations.

 Gift Certificates

Missed the cutoff for holiday shipping? Send that special someone a gift certificate from Lapis Lazuli World! They can use it anytime! Click Here for placing your Gift Certificate Order.

Gift Wrapping Service

This holiday season, our premium gift wrapping service is free and available for most items!  Our gorgeous items and accessories come in a handsome satin pouch, with a hand written card,  to make your gift even more memorable.

Holiday Return Policy

All our products are backed up by a full, non-quibble money back guarantee.  During the holidays, our return period is extended to a full 30 days from the day you received it.  This extension is applicable for any order received between November 30th, 2020 and January 1st, 2021.  Please see our return policy section for more information

Happy Holidays and Seasons Greetings to everyone from the entire staff here at Lapis Lazuli World! May the coming year be a banner of happiness, health and prosperity to everyone.

*Free First Class shipping offer only valid for shipments to 50 US states

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Our Design Techniques

There are several techniques used by our craftsmen to produced a piece that is easy to use as well as striking.

In this sections, we will explain some of the most used techniques in our designs:

Inlaid Stone

Inlayed or Inlaid:  This techniques places the stone on a “Bed” of Sterling Silver or 18K gold.  The advantages are several.  First, the stone is securely placed without using any glue that might marred it.  That way, the stone will never come loose.  Secondly, your skin will only be on contact with smooth metal, without any of the jarred edges of the stone exposed.  Third, this techniques “frames” the stone with metal, providing a striking contrast with the extraordinary color and Lapis Lazuli, Rhodochrosite, Malachite or Obsidian.


Hinge System:  To produce a flexible piece that will follow the contours of your neck or wrist without “standing up” (something so common in mass produced jewelry), our craftsmen have developed the “hinge” system.  Small pieces of inlayed stone are united by tiny hinges, will gives the most massive piece the flexibility of a chain!  All parts of this system are crafted with solid Sterling Silver or 18K gold.

Veneering:  Small cross sections of stone are inlayed on Sterling Silver or 18K gold.  This allows our craftsmen more flexibility in producing modernistic, Art Deco designs without extra weight.

Beads: A timeless technique, where the stone is shaped into smooth beads, that are later hand-picked by shade, color and size to produce a uniform piece of jewelry.  We only select the purest colors for our beaded pieces:  The strongest blue

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What does Handcrafted Jewelry mean?

The pieces offered at Lapis Lazuli World are not mass produced. Each one is handcrafted by highly skilled Chilean artisans that are part of a very unique industry. Therefore, no two pieces are exactly alike.

How are each one of our pieces created?

It all starts with a design. We study contemporary trends, classic settings and very often incorporate consumer input! From any of these sources, the basic design of the piece of jewelry is developed. Then a manufacturing jeweler creates a wax mold of the design, taking into consideration all of the features involved but at the same time making certain that the jewelry will be structurally sound when it is completed.

The wax mold is placed into a cylinder and the entire cylinder is filled with plaster, completely encircling the wax. When it hardens, the plaster is placed in an oven where, under precisely-controlled temperatures, the wax is melted out of the plaster. What remains is the basic mold for the jewelry.

Molten metal – gold, silver, platinum or what is known as base metal – is poured into this mold, and it is allowed to cool and harden. Then the mold is broken away, leaving the jewelry in rough form. A master jeweler takes the piece, and slowly, patiently, smooths off the rough edges, then polishes it to the desired finish.

The next step is the gemstones, which is also done by an experienced jeweler. Once the stones are set, the jewelry is carefully inspected by another jeweler, peering closely under a magnifying glass to make certain the piece is in perfect condition.

Several types of settings for the stones are available to the manufacturer, depending on the design and style of the jewelry. The most common is a set of long, tapered prongs which hold the stone in place. A bezel setting is one in which the stone is completely surrounded by a metal border which grasps the stone. It’s like a picture frame holding a painting. A channel setting is used when a row of stones is part of the design, and the jeweler holds them in place using two strips of metal. Think of a tiny railroad track with gemstones in the middle. When small pieces of stone are used, a technique known as pavè involves setting the gemstones closely together so that no, or very little, metal shows. Often the metal is engraved so the engraving blends in together with the gemstones. Then, and only then, is the jewelry released for sale.

So, next time you look at a piece of Lapis Lazuli World jewelry, stop for a moment to think of the process taken to get it into your hands. It didn’t happen by accident!

You will be the owner of an original!

Enjoy the sensation of wearing an art piece!

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Lapis Lazuli World Products – What Set Us Apart

Stone Information

Our stones have millenarian qualities. Click below and learn more about each one of them. Discover how can they enhance your life aside from adorning it!

Characteristics of Our Jewelry

From the stones to the metals we use, our jewelry is truly unique.  Learn more about our wearable works of art.

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Our Prices, Our Philosophy

Why is jewelry so expensive everywhere else?  Is our jewelry REALLY made out of silver, gold and real stones? Yes, our products are the real McCoy!  We can offer these prices without compromising on quality because we are the craftsmen!

How has Lapis Lazuli World revolutionized the way you purchase fine handmade jewelry?

The Traditional Retail Process:

This is the road that all goods we buy usually follow:  as you can see, there are substantial price increments in each step!

The Lapis Lazuli World Global System:

By working directly with artists through our 2 global offices, Lapis Lazuli World is able to skip a few links in the traditional supply chain.  We even handle our own distribution process!  The result?  Much lower prices!

One of the major benefits to the Lapis Lazuli World global system is that artists can now focus on creating higher quality items and unique designs rather than large quantities of more mass-produced products. This means that through Lapis Lazuli World you can access the highest quality one-of-a-kind items at incredibly low prices.