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The use of Bind Runes is ancient, probably arising almost simultaneously with the use of the Runes as an alphabet. Essentially, a Bind Rune is a symbol composed of several Runes, overlaid, one upon another, to form a single character. This is believed to concentrate the power of the individual Runes into a more potent force. It is not necessary to translate the word or spell from which the Bind Rune is to be derived into Old Norse, or even into German.

Lapis Lazuli Bind Rune can be very powerful: Lapis Lazuli stone enhances the interconnectedness of the higher bodies (mind, soul, spirit) with the physical body, resulting in a heightened willingness to communicate all the symbolic meaning of the rune with the outer world. These small charms can help us attract all these great gifts to our every day lives. Carry a money rune in your wallet, give your favorite student the concentration rune, carry in your glove compartment the rune for travel, place in the hallway of your house the protection rune. Channel all these good wishes right into your day!

We interpreted these ancient symbols in our jewelry: fully crafted in Solid 950 Sterling Silver with inlayed Lapis Lazuli and Turquoise


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