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Our Design Techniques

There are several techniques used by our craftsmen to produced a piece that is easy to use as well as striking.

In this sections, we will explain some of the most used techniques in our designs:

Inlaid Stone

Inlayed or Inlaid:  This techniques places the stone on a “Bed” of Sterling Silver or 18K gold.  The advantages are several.  First, the stone is securely placed without using any glue that might marred it.  That way, the stone will never come loose.  Secondly, your skin will only be on contact with smooth metal, without any of the jarred edges of the stone exposed.  Third, this techniques “frames” the stone with metal, providing a striking contrast with the extraordinary color and Lapis Lazuli, Rhodochrosite, Malachite or Obsidian.


Hinge System:  To produce a flexible piece that will follow the contours of your neck or wrist without “standing up” (something so common in mass produced jewelry), our craftsmen have developed the “hinge” system.  Small pieces of inlayed stone are united by tiny hinges, will gives the most massive piece the flexibility of a chain!  All parts of this system are crafted with solid Sterling Silver or 18K gold.

Veneering:  Small cross sections of stone are inlayed on Sterling Silver or 18K gold.  This allows our craftsmen more flexibility in producing modernistic, Art Deco designs without extra weight.

Beads: A timeless technique, where the stone is shaped into smooth beads, that are later hand-picked by shade, color and size to produce a uniform piece of jewelry.  We only select the purest colors for our beaded pieces:  The strongest blue

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