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Rhodhocrosite: Characteristics and Properties

Rhodhochrosite (whose name means rose-colored) is a very pretty mineral. In a massive form its pink and white bands are extremely attractive and are often used in semi-precious jewelry. Rhodhochrosite is often carved into figurines and tubular stalactitic forms are sliced into circles with concentric bands that are truly unique in the mineral kingdom. Fine […]

Malachite: Characteristics and Properties

Hardness: 3 1/2 to 4 Colors: Light, bright green to dark green, sometimes banded with darker or lighter shades of green. Birthstone: None Zodiac: None Malachite is a famous and very popular semi-precious stone. Its banded light and dark green designs are one-of-a-kind, and give it a unique ornamental quality unlike that of any other […]

Ring Sizer

If you don’t know your ring size, follow these instructions and you should be able to determine it. There are several foolproof methods to determine your correct ring size.  The most widely used are the following: 1)  Measuring your finger with our Sizer Strip: Ring Sizer in PDF format You can use our ring sizer […]

Our Prices, Our Philosophy

Why is jewelry so expensive everywhere else?  Is our jewelry REALLY made out of silver, gold and real stones? Yes, our products are the real McCoy!  We can offer these prices without compromising on quality because we are the craftsmen! How has Lapis Lazuli World revolutionized the way you purchase fine handmade jewelry? The Traditional […]

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