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18K Gold Earrings

18K Gold Earrings
Beautiful pieces crafted in 18K gold and Extra Blue, Grade AAA Lapis Lazuli. The stones are inlayed in our traditional manner, leaving no back stone exposed. The post and the closure is also solid 18K gold.
18K Gold Mini Post Earrings 18K Gold Mini Post Earrings (5 Products)

Perfect for a little girl or when you want just a touch of color in your ears!

18K Post Earrings 18K Post Earrings (12 Products)

Classic style gold earrings. Several shapes available!

18K Division Earrings 18K Division Earrings (7 Products)

Solid gold divisions enhance these post earrings!

18K Sculpted Earrings 18K Sculpted Earrings (5 Products)

These earrings have volume for added dimension!

18K Hanging Earrings 18K Hanging Earrings (10 Products)

Exquisite hanging earrings, handcrafted in 18K gold and AAA grade Lapis Lazuli

18K Designer Earrings 18K Designer Earrings (15 Products)

Created exclusively by Lapis Lazuli World for the most prestiguous designer and fashion labels, these exquisite and unique designs that display all the beauty of Lapis Lazuli and Gold!


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18K Gold and Lapis Lazuli Greco Earrings
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