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Outstanding necklaces crafted in 950 Sterling Silver or solid 18K or 14K Gold. Beautifully finished pieces: the stones are inlayed in a Sterling Silver "bed" (not just a silver or gold "frame").

The closures are also done in 950 Sterling Silver or Gold (18K or 14K). Make no mistake: this is quality jewelry.

Take a look at the styles featured in this section. The lengths quoted are precise; therefore, you will always know how long your necklace will be.

18K Gold Necklaces 18K Gold Necklaces (13 Products)

Solid 18K gold necklaces, embellished by the highest grade Lapis Lazuli!

Bead Necklaces Bead Necklaces (57 Products)

The most classic of all necklaces since they show the beauty of our stones. Appropriate for all occasions; they look terrific with both casual or formal outfits.

Good quality beads depend of two factors:  they must be cut from an outstanding Lapis Lazuli slab, and t...

Chained Necklaces Chained Necklaces (5 Products)

A wonderful way to display the beauty of our stones. A 925 Sterling Silver chain is intertwined with inlayed stones in different shapes. The necklaces come in several lenghts and have a secure Sterling Silver clasp. Wonderfully priced to own several. Treat yourself!

Choker - Sliders Choker - Sliders (14 Products)

Modern and easy to use, these necklaces feature adjustable sliders for total comfort!

Designer Necklaces Designer Necklaces (74 Products)

Contemporary designs! The most exquisite craftsmanship! The noblest materials! These necklaces honor our slogan: they are a work of wearable art. Each necklace is handcrafted in solid 950 Sterling Silver, with inlayed natural stone of the highest grade. Indulge yourself!

Diaguitas Necklaces Diaguitas Necklaces (3 Products)

The Diaguitas were a aboriginal group that lived on the Northern part of Chile, in the actual provinces of Atacama and Coquimbo. They were sophisticated artists, specializing on metal and ceramic work. Their way of life was forever destroyed with the arrival of Spaniards to the South Ameri...

Pendants with Chains Pendants with Chains (37 Products)

Buy the perfect match and save! Take advantage of this special section: each charm is paired with its most becoming chain. Note that all the charms and chains are sold separately in other sections: just click on the appropriate link to purchase only the charm or only the chain.

Semi Collars Semi Collars (35 Products)

This casual piece looks terrific with today's necklines. The stones are set in a 925 Sterling Silver chain. The stones are selected by their shade to produce a necklace that has an uniform look. It is a delicate looking piece that nonetheless will stand the demands of an active life st...

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