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Hinge Bracelets

Hinge Bracelets

Completely flexible pieces that are a dream to wear, thanks to our unique "hinge" system. The stones are completely inlayed in 925 Sterling Silver. The clasp will not come open not matter how active a person you are. They also come with a security Sterling Silver chain!

Note: All our bracelets are offerd in several lenghts:  you just choose what is most appropriate!


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Sterling Silver, Lapis Lazuli and Malachite Hinge Bracelet Watch Style Hinge Bracelets
SKU: BR-3290
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Our price: $150.45 (€114.34)
Market price: $291.16 , save 48%
Our price: $173.22 (€131.65)
Market price: $291.16 , save 41%
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