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Designers Collections

Lapis Lazuli World is proud to feature the work of these renowned jewelry designers. Each one of these treasures is signed by the artist, and they are as unique as a fingerprint. Completely handcrafted, these pieces of jewelry are a true example of wearable art!

Alejandra Yanez Alejandra Yanez (8 Products)

This talented new designer is stirring things up with her geometrical, minimalistic pieces that combine stones and unusual materials, as wood, in totally unexpected ways. We are proud to show a selection of her collection in Lapis Lazuli World!

Cristina Sagredo Cristina Sagredo (3 Products)

The works of Cristina Sagredo are extremely well known is South America. it is easy to see why: her unique, organic pieces are a combination of the best materials, superior skills and a truly inspired artist. See for yourself!

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