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Solid Sterling Silver and Lapis Lazuli brooches!. Heirloom quality pieces that will enhance any blouse, jacket and coat. You will find classic styles as well as innovative designs that will give a colorful touch to any outfit.

You will appreciate the quality of these little treasures: even the pin is solid Sterling Silver. Available on Malachite and Rhodocrosite as well.

Simple Brooch Simple Brooch (3 Products)

Simple, yet striking shapes showcase the beauty of our stones in every one of these sterling silver brooches!

Zoo Collection Zoo Collection (4 Products)

Our beautiful critters are 1.5" tall! That is a sizable pin that will stand out in any coat or jacket. The handcrafting is superb. We use solid 950 Sterling Silver; the brooches have all a solid silver back and pin. View our entire collection and fall in love!

Flower Brooches Flower Brooches (3 Products)

A jewel garden, just for you! These sterling silver brooches are an artful recreation of several popular flowers.

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