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Bracelets and Anklets

Bracelets and Anklets

Bracelets are the natural complement to our stones. These is one of our most sought after lines because of its versatility and wear-ability. Our pieces are so expertly crafted you will not believe the price you pay for. Take a look to our selections!

Note: all our bracelets and anklets are offered in several lenghts, ranging from 7 inches long (18 cms) to 12 Inches!  You just select the lenght that is most appropriate.

Our bracelets are also available in 18K gold. Just send us an inquire with the style number you are interested in. We will contact you with a price and delivery date within 24 hours.

Bead Bracelets Bead Bracelets (6 Products)

Cabochons Bracelets Cabochons Bracelets (14 Products)

These bracelets feature selected Lapis Lazuli cabochons!

Cuff Bracelets Cuff Bracelets (27 Products)

A classic design that suits our stones perfectly! The inlaid Lapis Lazuli look gorgeous against the skin, and it gives a touch of color to your whole look. These cuff bracelets are expertly finished. A truly rare piece of jewelry.

Chained Bracelets & Anklets Chained Bracelets & Anklets (9 Products)

The typical bracelet design, interpreted by us! The stones are inlay in Sterling Silver modules, that are jointed together by small segments of Sterling Silver chain. Extremely light and flexible, yet highly original and durable. Solid Sterling Silver closure. This wonderful piece is also ...

Hinge Bracelets Hinge Bracelets (15 Products)

Completely flexible pieces that are a dream to wear, thanks to our unique "hinge" system. The stones are completely inlayed in 925 Sterling Silver. The clasp will not come open not matter how active a person you are. They also come with a security Sterling Silver chain!


Toggle Bracelets Toggle Bracelets (11 Products)

Inspired on the Tiffany's classic! A Lapis Lazuli World interpretation of this eye-catching bracelet, with a hanging heart with inlayed stone. This is a sizable and heavy piece, handmade from solid 950 Sterling Silver. The heart module measures is 1" tall; the bracelet's links...

Gold Bracelets Gold Bracelets (8 Products)

Exceptional bracelets, handcrafted in solid 18K gold with the highest quality stones!

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