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Instructions for Requesting a Reciprocal Link

Are you interested on a reciprocal link?

Send us an email indicating your URL and where we can find our link, along with any other instructions you may want to give us. We will review your site and send you our acknowledgment within 48 hours! You might download the banner of your choice to your web site and manually link it to http://www.lapislazuliworld.com or you could copy and paste the HTML code under the banner of your choice:

If you have any questions, please contact the Web Master.


www.lapislazuliworld.com, The finest Lapis Lazuli jewelry in the world


Copy and paste the following test to include the above banner in your site

Lapis Lazuli World The finest handcrafted Lapis Lazuli jewelry set in Sterling Silver and 18K Gold. Our innovative designs and skilled craftsmanship create wearable works of art!


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Lapis Lazuli World in Wanelo