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Christian Symbols

Christian Symbols

Christian symbolism invests objects or actions with an inner meaning expressing Christian ideas.

We are proud of this collection, that marries the beauty of our stones with a heartfelt interpretation of Christian faith. 

Our artist decided to go back in time to revive the symbols were widely used by the early Church, due to their purity in meaning and historic importance:  All expertly re-created in these works of wearable art!.


Angel Charms Angel Charms (2 Products)

Your Guarding Angel pendant interpreted in Sterling Silver and Lapis Lazuli!

CHRISMON Charms CHRISMON Charms (3 Products)

This symbol is formed with the two initial for the word Christ: the X (chi) and P (rho). It has been a symbol for Christianism since the times of Constantin the Great, who was a believer of the prophecy "In Hoc Signo Vinces" (under this sign you will be victorious).

ICHTHUS Charms ICHTHUS Charms (3 Products)

Ichthus, the Greek word for fish, is an ancient Christian symbol inspired by the many disciples who were fisherman. First used during persecution, this secret sign helped early believers identify each other. Today the Ichthus is a universal emblem of faith in Christ.

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