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Lapis Lazuli World 2020 Holiday SaleWelcome to Lapis Lazuli World. We bring you our extensive collection of handcrafted Sterling Silver and 18K gold lapis jewelry and accessories. We are the proud representatives of this Chilean art form, recognized around the world.

We are Lapis Lazuli specialists. Our years of experience show on these incredible rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, brooches and home decor pieces. Our contemporary designs, techniques and noble metals are the perfect showcase for this millenarian stone.

Each of our jewelry collection is testimony of our artisans' skills and commitment to quality: ALL OUR PIECES ARE HANDMADE, from casting to polishing. Our silver is 950 sterling, our gold is 18K. ALL OUR STONES ARE NATURAL AND OF EXCEPTIONAL QUALITY. Every one of our rings can be sized to your measurement. EVERY JEWELRY DESIGN IS UNIQUE TO LAPIS LAZULI WORLD. It is very likely that you will find pieces of our collection at the best jewelry stores in world famous resort towns around Europe, the Caribbean, Latin America and, of course, Chile. 

In addition to Lapis Lazuli, our collection features the same spectacular designs handcrafted in Malachite, Obsidian and Rhodhocrosite. You can buy heirloom pieces, at hard to believe prices:  that is the advantage of purchasing directly from the craftsmen, instead of resellers.Lapis Lazuli World Sping Sale

Not sure what to give? A Lapis Lazuli Gift Certificate is always a welcome present! They have no expiration date, they are delivered and ready to be redeemed the moment they are purchased, and your recipient will be able to choose, at leisure, from our 3000+ piece catalog!

All our jewelry is handcrafted... Every piece an original!

The Lapis Lazuli World Advantage:

  • Impeccable craftsmanship, backed by our money back satisfaction guarantee.

  • Original designs and crafting techniques. We produce the most unique Lapis jewelry you will find anywhere!

  • Hand-picked natural stones of the highest grade.

  • You will buy directly from the crafters, eliminating the middleman! You can own original Sterling Silver and Gold jewelry for the price of costume (bijouterie) pieces.

  • Plus... to make your dollar stretch even more, enjoy Free First Class shipping on every order (continental USA only) AND a discounts for any online order (even items already on sale!)

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