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Now, introducing Lapis Lazuli Rings!
To complete our collection, we now present these wonderfully crafted rings. These are handmade pieces, crafted of solid 925 Sterling Silver and using the finest Grade A stones. These pieces are so expertly inlayed that that the stones follow the curve of the ring! Small works of art for your fingers.

We are one of the few jewelry stores that offers a complete ring size range in EVERY STYLE, with no re-sizing fee! Just select the one that is appropriate for you.

Not sure about your ring size? Use our patented Ring Sizer, and determine your best fit!

18K Gold Rings 18K Gold Rings (41 Products)

Cabochon Rings Cabochon Rings (36 Products)

Striking styles featuring selected Lapis Lazuli cabochons! These rings stand apart from our regular inlaid pieces because the designs are based solely on the stone: the hand picked, selected cabochons are rare both in quality and dimension. The designs are conceived to display the uniquene...

Men Rings Men Rings (8 Products)

Manly styles, handcrafted in Sterling Silver or 18K Gold!

These sizable rings feature large, selected Lapis Lazuli cabochons or high quality Lapis Lazuli inlay, and are permanently available in all sizes!

Wedding and Promise Rings Wedding and Promise Rings (12 Products)

Special Order wedding and promise rings handcrafted in Solid Sterlign Silver or the finest 18K Gold and featuring our outstanding Lapis Lazuli:  you can order any size you want, and either single or a pair rings! 

Lapis Lazuli has been...

Medium Silver Rings Medium Silver Rings (10 Products)

Gorgeous sterling silver rings, embellished with all our stones!

Designer Silver Rings Designer Silver Rings (44 Products)

Comptemporary ring designs, all featuring selected stones.

Medium Tower Rings Medium Tower Rings (5 Products)

Impresive handmade rings, handcrafted in Sterling Silver.

Crown Silver Rings Crown Silver Rings (12 Products)

The volume of these Lapis Lazuli stones give these sterling silver rings an extra dimension!

Chevalier Silver Rings Chevalier Silver Rings (9 Products)

Bold, chunky rings handmade from solid Sterling Silver! Many styles to choose from...

Thick Band Rings Thick Band Rings (19 Products)

Incredible value! A thick 950 Sterling Silver band is crowned with inlayed stone. A jewelry masterpiece, smoothly finished. Available in all our stones; please add $3.00 for Rhodochrosite.

We are one of the few jewelry stores that offers a complete ring size range in EVERY STY...

Inlayed Silver Bands Inlayed Silver Bands (16 Products)

Incredible value! The inlayed work transforms what it would have been a simple 950 Sterling Silver band into an intricate ring, so smoothly finished that you will not be able to feel where the stone ends and the silver begins! Available in all our stones; please add $3.00 for Rhodocrosite....


Wide Division Sterling Silver and Lapis Lazuli Cleo Band
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